Jog direction reversed with lightobject lx-07 DSP

Hi there

I gave a laser machine using a lightobject lx-07 DSP controller.

I have noticed that when I use lightburn to jog the machine in continuous mode the direction is reversed (and incorrect) in the x direction.
If i untick the continuous jog the x travels correctly.

The y axis always seems to be correct.

I have had a look through the various setting & dont seem to be able to find anything that would affect this.

Does anyone have any ideas on this.


Usually jogging controls being backwards is due to incorrect origin setup in Device Settings. However, I find it odd that unticking continuous jog changes the behavior. Are burns otherwise coming out oriented correctly?

I believe you can change jogging direction within the controller if the problem is isolated to the jogging operation.

Everything else on the machine works as expected.
The machine homes to the top right as it should & when laser cutting every comes out around the right way.

If I jog using the DSP controller key pad everything works as expected.
If I try to reverse this in the DSP firmware I think it might cause other problems.

Perhaps I should also mention I am running the latest version of Lightburn (1.0.6) & the DSP is on the latest firmware that I am aware of.


Homing location of the laser is not necessarily the same as origin. So you could set the origin to any of the 4 corners and homing would still function with no issue.

But the fact that everything comes out right way round and the fact that this works without continuous jog as well as the controller working correctlyr makes me think it’s fine the way it is.

Not aware of what would make continuous jog behave differently than normal jog…

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