Jog Z axis while laser is running

Is it possible to jog the Z axis while the laser is on and running a program? I was watching a video this morning showing that being capable on a Ruida controller and was thinking that that would be handy for adjusting the focus on the fly.
With GRBL system, I cannot get to the jog commands to try with the ‘new’ laser and speed window that pops up.
If not possible now, how difficult would it be to implement?

Currently its only possible from the ruida controller not through lightburn.

My machine has no Z axes control (manual), so I wasn’t aware that the Ruida would allow you to change the Z axes during a run. I thought it was pretty much brain dead when it went into ‘run’ mode.

Lightburn doesn’t ‘stream’ it to the Ruida the same way it does with grbl machines.

If you ‘send’ a job, the whole job is on the controller before you run it. So it might be difficult for lightburn to get a word to the Ruida…

But thanks… I’ll have to see about the Z axes movement when it’s operating.


In the video I watched, the operator was adjusting Z table height while the program was running (using a Ruida controller) to fine tune his laser focus. He had set his speed/increment setting to 1mm BEFORE starting the program so that he could adjust in 1mm increments.

I don’t have a C02 with a Ruida controller to verify. I knew with the GRBL that once the file is sent to controller that there wasn’t much you could do until OZ added the capability to adjust speed and power settings. Was hoping he could do the same for Z axis.

Here is the link to the video:

There is a difference on how grbl operates during a run, compared to the DSP type of controller.

The ‘grbl’ code is streamed to the grbl machine, which can only load a few lines of instruction. As these are executed it reads more data and executes those. Since it streaming instructions, Lightburn can modify the instructions ‘on the fly’.

How ‘simple’ a software modification can be done, is really reflected by the architecture of the software.

With the DSP machines the code is just loaded into the controller all at once. I will send it, then go out and run it. There’s no option to modify it as it goes…

My Z axes ‘wobble’ because the ‘screws’ are bowed. So I’ve never tried to use the Z axes for anything precision. My experience with Ruida is once it goes to work, most of the keypad is ‘dead’…

Thanks for the ‘long’ video link… I will have to try and do more with the control panel during a run

Take care…


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