Joining a line with to a fill line

I am trying to attach the open areas with a line that I have drew to meet them together. I have tried to use the welding option (not highlighted to use) and I have tried to auto join them as well.

I can’t quite tell what you’re attempting.

It looks like you have made a new line in a blue layer.
You can draw the intended lines in the new/blue layer on top of your art.

You can then delete the incomplete duplicate lines that you don’t want.
Then you can move the revised lines into the original layer and adjust them as needed.

There may be a better way, but I think I’d need to know more.

I know it definitely was confusing to understand. I have attached another picture. Basically I want to form the purple line and the red lines together and be able to cut off the extra line along with cutting out the R and the D so it’s blank in there.


This looks like a job for Trim / Extend.

Note that there is only one layer in the video.

Note ‘Convert to path’ may be necessary depending on how the letters are constructed.

Thank you. Will check this out.

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