Joining Segments with Imported files

As the title states I have a .svg file created in another program that has many segments that I am trying to join so the path is just 1 single cut. But when I import it I’m unable to join the segments and I’m not sure why. The preview has many white moves in between each gear segment which is what I don’t want. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

20TPulley.lbrn (97.8 KB)

You’re having trouble because these shapes are duplicated, and overlapped, and the overlaps look like they’ve been joined. If you pull them apart with node editing you can see what I mean:


The file is a bit of a mess - some sections are tripled up. What made this?

Well crap thanks for finding that. I looked at them closely I thought but I guess not close enough. It was created with a macro for GT2 pulleys I found online for Freecad. Guess I’ll have to go a different route. Thanks again.

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