JPT 50 overheating and stops marking

Just as the title states 1/2 way through it stopped marking 300 mm lens, stainless plate. (waited 5 minutes and it was fine still scraped the job) Fans on the back are running and it is warm. I do lots of plaques with the 200 mm lens that takes a lot longer and never have had an issue with the 200 lens. Used the 300 not too long ago on a similar sized plaque and it was fine.

So I’m guessing its overheating maybe dusty inside if so what is the best way to get in there? Anyone experience this?


Fans running: Did they run even when not marking?
While you have it opened up cleaning look hard at the power supplies and wiring. And the controller board and wiring. All pretty simple stuff. Probably 3 or more power supplies inside, check for loose wires/ burned looking or smelling wires. (After unplugging!) Look for loose screws at the terminals.

Yes fans were running the whole time, they were loud.
Do you remove the front plate then for access? I assume the sides will slide out.

If it’s the one on amazon when you search JPT 50W I think you are describing disassembly correctly, but they are all different. Mine it all slides out the back on like drawer guides. They are usually designed for easy access. Probably can’t go wrong. Take some pictures while open, just for curiosity sake.

Mines from Mactron, all wires are secure and look good

sent a reply to you but its in the thread instead

Have to disagree, they are designed with cost in mind… Some of these cabinets are seriously and poorly manufactured…

I haven’t been into mine, still under warranty.

When I enable the main power for the galvo and laser, it’s almost as noisy as my ventilation…

Wondering if it’s as simple as remove the dust…?


Better to keep out in the open, more eyes the better. Looks pretty clean.
Did you locate the BJJCZ board? It is the controller card for the laser, probably got a couple DB connectors and a USB connector. The USB goes from that to a connector on the back, which the USB from your computer plugs into. Lot of connections to check. One means of trouble shooting USB connections is to run a good USB cable directly from the board to a port on the computer.
Question, is the laser plugged directly into the computer or a USB hub? Is the power plugged into a UPS Surge protector?
All low hanging fruit to check.

A good tool to have is an ir camera that shows hot spots… A friend of mine has one he built and uses quite often fixing dead devices…

You can see where the heat is being generated… Kind of costly for most of us.

I’d love to have one, can’t afford one, so I borrow it if needed… Maybe he knows someone with one?


They got to build them, same as computer towers. Mine and the ones I’ve looked at components pretty easily accessible.
My guess is not dust. Sounds like bad cable/ wire. Or poor power either house power or power supply. But we are all just guessing. Start with the easy stuff.

Still working on this very frustrating. Reached out to supplier we will see what happens.
One thing I have noticed working on aluminum plaque plates…
640S/50P/25F 0.025 will do nothing at all
750S/29P/45F 0.025 works
I also dropped back to version LB 1.4.00 to see if that may be an issue
Wires etc seem fine