JPT 60 Watt MOPA material test all shapes the same

I have tried different settings and read through the documentation and am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have attached images to show the settings I am using and what the results were. Any input is appreciated.

Any input on this support? I have also sent and email with info and pics.

Sorry @BobAbbott, yes, we have noted both and are looking into this further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


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Thanks guys!!!

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Your Q-Pulse width is 50. I get the same as you when I run with a pulse width that short. Have you tried larger values?

Oz I tried one that changed the Q-pulse and frequency and still no change…but let me go back and double that that. I would have thought changing those would have left me with something at least.

Ok…now we are going somewhere. This one was run moving the power from 30 to 75…the Q-pulse from 50 to 500. Disregard the other noise in this. I need to sand some of my stainless off…

Speed was set to 1000, frequency set to 200.

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