JTech Laser location

I cannot seem to get my shapeoko to laser in my desired location. I have tried abs coord, user orig and current pos. When I upload the file, I have it to laser in the bottom right of the area. When I start the file, the laser runs to the back right corner. I won’t laser where I want it to.

If you haven’t already made any accommodations for the Shapeoko it’s probably just that you need to account for its default negative coordinate. You can find more information here:
Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

PERFECT!!! TY :slight_smile:

When I go to use my router, I simply have to hit teh button for Use CNC correct? I don’t have to change coordinates again and keep doing this every tine, do I?

Not sure what button that is. At minimum you’d probably have to switch back to $10=1. Whether or nor you’d have to backout your work offset will depend on your CNC workflow. If you’re only ever working from current position I think you’d be fine not backing this out.

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