JTech Laser won't connect to Lightburn

Hello All,

I’m new to Lightburn. I recently purchased a Jtech 2.8W Laser for my brand new Shapeoko 3 XXL. I have the Shapeoko setup and working in my shop and today I installed the laser following the instructions from the Jtech video to the T, making sure everything was installed properly. My laser powers on and functions.

When I installed Lightburn, I followed the instructional video from Myers Workshop on how to setup Lightburn. Everything went just a planned until I got the request to type in $$. Nothing happened. I noticed that my device window said Device Ready but the console said Attempting to Connect to Device (or something like that). When I typed in $$ it would say Port Opened, Waiting for Response and nothing would happen after waiting for over 10 minutes. The Device screen no longer said “Ready”, it said “Busy”.

I am not able to get past this stage and am at a loss. I have not seen any threads addressing this specific issue. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Josh D.

Hi Josh - In the Laser window, next to the Devices button, is a box that should say “(Choose)” that will give you a list of available COM ports with serial connections. Have you picked the one that your laser is connected to? For 8-bit GRBL connections you have to do this manually, at least the first time.


Yes I have. It only will show ready when I select the cu.bluetooth-incoming-port.

That looks to me like your device simply isn’t being seen. The connection won’t be bluetooth, but a Serial or USB connection. Check to make sure the Shapeoko isn’t connected to anything else (for example, if you’re running Carbide in the background, it will have the port locked so LightBurn won’t be able to see it). It might be worth power cycling the computer to make sure the port hasn’t been locked out.

Thank you so much. It was because Carbide Motion was open. Once I closed that down it worked correctly.

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