JTechPhotonics - 3.8W Laser

Hi there , Could anyone recommend a machine /set up to run a JTechPhotonics - 3.8W Laser ? I tried to set it up with my older X-carve , but despite all the help from everyone here it tuned out not to be compatible :cry: ! I have lightburn etc , but think I need another set up to get it working …preferably a cheaper option I dont mind second hand , building it etc . I would be grateful for any help ,Recommendations ideas ,help etc .Many thanks Gordon

Check out Openbuilds. You would be able to build a simple frame for not a lot of money. They even have controllers that you might be able to integrate.

What are your needs? It may be simpler and cheaper to buy a ready to use laser from one of the many manufacturers that have sprung up in this space (e.g. Ortur, Atomstack, Sculpfun, Atezr, Comgrow, etc.). You could swap-in the JTechPhotonics for the stock module. In that case you could just get the entry level laser module and just focus on the chassis and mountability. Note that some of the newest models have custom chassis that are streamlined. If you’re looking to modify the system I’d suggest you stick to the models that use standard extrusions that you can modify/extend as necessary.

I couldn’t find any documentation on the 3.8W laser but another potential consideration could be voltage. From what I remember the JTech lasers come with its own driver and power adapter so may be a non-issue but if for some reason you need to power the module from the controller then you’d want to make sure voltages match. Most older laser machines use 12V. Many of the newer ones use 24V but 12V is still very common.

If it’s just the laser module, pick up a low power machine and change the head to your 3.8…

I got a jl1 from Amazon for <$80 and put my 40W NEJE on it…

Good luck


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