Jump during engraving and missing lines

Decided to try engraving on back of IPad using the camera for alignment.
Got an image from google, traced it, adjusted settings/size and placed where I wanted it. Sent to machine and started engraving as normal.
Near the bottom of the engraving it jumped up above image and engraved a random line. It did this twice during engraving (second was above the IPad).
There are some missing lines in the engraving and some lines that didn’t output as they should.

I engraved on paper afterwards and it came out as it should. Only setting I changed was the speed. I increased it to 300mm for the paper and was run at 200mm when I did IPad

Thanks for any help

Ruida RDC644XG
50W Blue and White Chinese Laser

your change when you moved to paper is significant. If you were able to engrave as expected on paper at the slower speed, yet the engraving fails at the higher speed, perform the paper again at the higher speed. If it fails on paper at the higher speed, the answer is there.

I engraved the paper at the higher speed.

I’m not sure if it’s noticeable from the image but the mark above the Batman logo on iPad was engraved during one of those jumps (about an inch above Batman head to the left). So it’s not just missing lines. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

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