Just a few engravings

Let me know what you think. All created by using 3rd party software and using passthrough for the engraving at 200s, 12%p on a 45w camfive. Of course using Lightburn. Money well spent.


nice work, Ive had a few requests for memorials, gives me hope

Appreciate the feedback. Let me know if I can help you get started. They are fun to do. Yes it takes some time to dial in the pic but well worth the finish product I think. As well as making sure you are charging the right price.


thanks, just need the time to get out and find some nice material. I do this as a hobby

These look good, i have been making heart shaped hangers but my supply has dried up now :frowning: The rectangle you use looks good what sort of size are they and do you varnish or oil the slate before/after/not at all ??



I spray the front and back with a clear matt finish, then engrave. Acrylic clear works too but makes them look more shiny. I have not tried the mineral oil yet. Will let you know how that works out. Also, the sizes that are in the pics are 8" x 6" slate.

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What material are you using cannot figure that out LOL.

Natural Slate. Although, it looks like the natural slate is backordered everywhere and no time frame. I am running low on material. Anybody know any suppliers that I can purchase bulk from?

I also want to add that I have been testing Lightburn out on the engraving vs. using a third party software and I can honestly say, lightburn out performs both photograv and 1-Touch. Thank you Lightburn, you have saved me about 15 minutes per job. Photograv and 1-Touch gave me good results as you can see it what I have been doing but I think/see that Lightburn is now my choice.


Nice work Gordon. Question about your settings if you will… When you say 200s is that in inches or mm?

Im going to have to get me some of that slate…

Thanks for sharing

Inches. Hope this helps.

Yes thats perfect thanks.

What kind of lens are you using?

ZNSE Meniscus, 18mm, 2" and 1.5". These were done using the 2" lens.

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