Just a floor tile

Just made this for my Son and his other half. They are motorcycle enthusiast so I thought this could be hung on the outside of their garage and serve as a garden clock. Rough surface floor tile 300mm square. Painted with my PAV/Titanium mix that I use on all my tiles. Turned out nice.


That looks great… it will look better on a wall than on the floor :wink:

I did an engraving with a chunk of 1’x2’ slate floor tile. After the engraving, we were eating dinner and the thing popped real loud as it split apart… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thanks for sharing


How disappointing that must have been. I’ve had a few disaster and get really upset considering the work put into these projects

I really like that clock. Did you find that photo or draw it? I have been waiting until I stumble across a good artist because I would love to to have several prints made for me. You see, back in the days of a Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, (1960’s surfing & hot rods & beach parties) there was a man, (Ed Roth) who built the coolest hot rods. He got nick named Rat Fink and someone started making Rat Fink toys, ( hot rods and skate boards and such with a big ugly RAT driving).
Long story short, I would like to come up with an image of the “Rat and his woman” on a harley.

I found it on the internet. Copyright free for personal use. I used lighburn to draw the clock numbers etc.
Try googling Rat Fink on a Harley Davidson. I just did and found loads of clipart.