Just another "Thank you and great job" post

I work for a big company and with pretty expensive machines.
Generally I deal with really annoying but insanely expensive software on the daily.

I bought my laser as a bit of fun and experimenting.
Lasers always fascinated me during uni and tinkering on my laser is more fun to me than actually using it tbh.
The only part I wasn’t looking forward to with the laser was the software experience, but with lightburn that changed dramatically.
The software itself is so much more extensive than I imagined. No matter what I think might be a useful feature, once I search for it, it’s there and usually it works pretty well.
The forum is a great resource.
So far all of my issues have pretty much been a two minute search and that was that.

All in all just a big thank you to the devs and the community. Just a great product and I really wish some of the software that costs thousands of dollars that I deal with at work was as nice to use as lightburn.