Just can't finish a project

LightBurn ver. 1.2.01 and xTool D1 Pro 10w version ver. B5 with air assist to desktop PC running latest Windows 10. I have several projects mostly recreated today that I have been trying to burn / cut today and just can’t get them to finish. Got my machine a couple of weeks ago and had to shelve it till I could get a case setup with ventilation so it could be used in my office (smoke just too strong). All of these projects are engrave then cut and started out the head would jump down right from home or current position then before it bottomed out would reverse course to top left side and crash into the side rail and error out. Used XCS to check firmware but it was current, had just updated LightBurn yesterday so it was good. Dropped back to XCS and ran a file I created first project and it printed but failed to cut out after doing one side of the cut. Back in LightBurn I decided to just test a cutout and did a round and square both just fine so I decided to recreate my files that I am using settings from LA Hobby Guy to engrave the designs in wood. Projects will engrave and start cutting but fail to finish (3mm speed and 100% power) did one circle and was scheduled to do a couple more but stopped. Ideas??

As an extension to this question my project is doing an engrave leaving letters proud and burning surrounding space kind of a reverse image instead of burning letters and leaving white space around the text. I just noticed in a new test file the the preview with a 2 inch coin like center the laser stroke is 12 to 14 inches wide and top to bottom and I think this is where my project is limiting out and crashing.

All that to say is there some way to limit the laser to closer to the project size?