Just installed 1.4 update and had it lock up

I was working on a file that I use all the time for a production part, I clicked on some text and accidently clicked on the “Dock Objects Leftward” toolbar icon.

I had the text “KK’s Kitchen” (just to the right of the work area) selected when I clicked on the toolbar.

After clicking on the “Dock Objects Leftward” toolbar icon, LightBurn stopped responding and I had to force exit. I was able to repeat this several times with it locking up each time.

I tried to attach the lbrn2 file that seemed to cause this problem, but it was over the 4mb limit and the forum software does not allow zip files to be attached.

Not sure if this is the case for what you’re seeing but I’ve seen what I would characterize as performance problems when using the docking feature. Large numbers of shapes will cause it to take some time to determine what to do. Larger numbers seem to take forever or effectively soft crash LightBurn. I haven’t tested this enough to determine if it’s a large number of shapes on screen or a large number of shapes within your selection area that causes this.

Since your file is large I’m speculating that you might be in a similar situation but worth a look.

It is not size dependent.
I’ve tried drawing a square and break it into pieces (alt+b), then docking it to the left.
LightBurn hangs and won’t run again until a restart.
(LightBurm ver. 1.4.00, Mac OS Big Sur 11.7.7)

Interesting. I did some investigating based on your observation and I get the same behavior on Windows.

I’ve narrowed it down to what I think is the simplest case:

  1. Create new file
  2. Create horizontal line
  3. Dock line left or right
  4. Crash


  1. Create new file
  2. Create vertical line
  3. Dock line up or down
  4. Crash

This crash seems to be dependent on open shapes.

@rick @Colin to verify.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Investigating further, I am able to reproduce as you describe and will generate a report. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for finding the base case that can cause the problem.

A fix has been submitted for the next update. Thank again for reporting. :slight_smile:


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