Just pulled LM2 off garage shelf

Hello :wave:

I just pulled my LM2 off the shelf of may garage (it was covered) and did a deep cleaning of it. I am having troubles getting it to work, and it worked fine 9 months ago. Here are some pictures of what I get when I do a material test I bought off Etsy a year ago. I have tried all I know and can not get it to work, though I did go through chemo and have bad chemo brain. Is my laser bad or is there something I am not doing right?

I don’t think so.

Barely… You’re really close.
I’d read this as ‘going a little bit too fast’.

A screenshot is helpful for sharing what your expectations might be.

Please use this great tool to take a screenshot of the entire LightBurn work area, with the Cuts/Layers window visible. This will give us the Speeds, percent power and hopefully some imagery and axis labels that will point toward next steps.