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Greeting to all I just bought a laser [40W Laser Engraver CNC Desktop Engraving Cutting Machine ATOMSTACK A5 Pro I should receive it in a few days. Anyone can tell me if the lightburn would be good for this. Also need to know if it can be downloaded or what do I have to do? Yes I am brand new to all this so any help would be appreciated.
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Hello Donna, and welcome aboard…

You will find that lightburn is the easiest and the most powerful software you can get hold of.

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I actually used it to generate gcode to ‘level’ the scrap bed on my little cnc. But @anon88048707 is probably correct, it’s really designed for lasers or 2D type work.

My first laser didn’t have a focus, so I used the Z axis in Lightburn to adjust focus.

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okay, I am very new to this so I don’t know what spindles are :face_with_raised_eyebrow: this is what I bought… [40W Laser Engraver CNC Desktop Engraving Cutting Machine ATOMSTACK A5 Pro US. What I would like to use if for is cutting or at least cutting leather and laser designs on the leather. I might use it to cut little business cards Not sure what it can do anyway would like to use it in my business.

@Star Is this the laser that you have?

If so, I don’t think this supports the rotary machining tool that @anon88048707 is referring to. The use of “CNC Desktop” in this case feels a little misleading because that term is generally reserved for multi-purpose machines that allow swapping in of different tools into the tool holder, a laser head and router being common options.

No matter, you got this for lasering and this unit should do that just fine. Have fun as you explore. And no joke, get eye protection. As in don’t even try this without eye protection. This isn’t one of those exaggerated claims, you will go blind with even casual observation of the laser. Symptoms may not be immediate and will accumulate.


WOW there are things I did not know that I can do. I have used a dremel. How would I get a high speed drill on it? Oh never mind I might kill myself if I try it now. lol Okay and I will surely get the orange glassed. Had my eyes burned when I was a kid and that is something I really don’t want to do again. Thank you so much

Yes, that is the laser I have. The mailman just dropped it off. can’t wait to get it up a running.

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