Just want to say thanks

I dont know what subforum this belongs in but I wanted to say thanks to Lightburn for making my lasering so much more enjoyable. I spent 3 months with my K40 wondering if I had made a bad decision. After unreliable lackluster performance I decided to take a chance and upgrade to mini grbl and Lightburn. It truly feels like a 1000% upgrade. It just seems like this thing cuts so much smoother and faster. Edits and customization are so much more powerful and easier. I’m enjoying my laser again. I should also thank Awesome.tech on their board too.

I realize a lot of people only write when they are complaining. So I wanted to give you guys a big thumbs up and say well done.


Thank you - It’s certainly nice to hear from people having a good experience, not a bad one. :slight_smile: Very happy to hear you’re enjoying the software.


Where did you get your mini grbl from? I’m using LB on my CNC with a laser diode and would like more power so I’m looking at the k40 but know the board has to be replaced. I used other more expensive software at a makerspace club on their laser and can tell you yes, LB is much better then even some of the higher end software. I love it too.

I bought the mini gerbil from awesome.tech. they are an Australian company. Took almost two weeks to get here in US but it was worth it.

Just wanted to second both the cudos for LB and the Mini Gerbil.
Both products have changed my life, laserly speaking. The price/value equation is great as well.
Not to mention the support from both companies (Oz and Awesome.tech) has been second to none.
Being used to a two to three month wait for my stuff from Aliexpress, the two weeks from down under seemed pretty good to me.
I am still sorting out stuff and approaching, I’m sure, pain in the neck status from them but my issues are bad cables, old computers, tweaking settings and stuff like that. Their products have been rock solid.

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