K40 and minigrbl Problems


i have a k40 with a minigrbl board with lightburn running on a mac.

For testing i placed a rectangle and clicked on frame.

At first the laser started to jerk in the upper left corner, seemed like it wanted to move in the wrong direction. So i got into the move tab and clicked on “set origin”.

The laser starts now doing the rectangle but it always starts on the upper left corner no matter where i place it?

Are there any settings i have to do?

I have been working with a ortur before and all was great and now i am very confused.

Any help is highly appreciated!


if i start my first run (fresh opened program).

The laser starts to jerk around in the upper left corner and creates the pictures completely offset.

When done it moves back to the upper left corner.

When i then start a second job everything is perfect?

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