K40 board upgrades for lightburn

Can you please tell me what boards can i buy to upgrade my K40 to be able to use lightburn. Specifically here in my country Philippines. Thank you in advance!!!

you can get a mini gerbil, a cohesion board or LPC board from VMS, they are the normal boards to upgrade a K40 with to run Lightburn, if you have knowledge of 3d printers and GRBl you can also buy a much cheaper board which is a makerbase MKS 1.3 not 1.4 and install that and run GRBL LPC on it. ( which is on github)

It works perfectly finally apart from the test fire button will not work ( replaced by lightburns own software) and you will need to rewire the homing switches and change a couple of wires inside.

You need to join a K40 Facebook forum to get the software and further instructions as its not supported here. I have one on my K40 and its been running for over a year perfectly well and cost me about 25 dollars from ali express in China. I dont offer support for it though.

The other boards are around 200 dollars, the mini gerbil board is slightly cheaper I believe.

The Mini-Gerbil is 80 $

please send me a link where to buy it? also can you please add me up on FaceBook I really need help guys!!!

will mini gerbil let me use the lightburn program with no problem?

Yes, it is plug and play and runs very well for me in LightBurn.

do you have a link for it

No , my link will be in spanish as I live in spain, you need to go to your own page of ali express and search for the board. I have given you the details you need,

If you dont know where to get the firmware or how to wire it up I would buy the mini gerbil board as it is plug and play and this board is not.

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