K40 makes noise when homing

Two questions:
1 Can I permanently adjust the home position as where my laser starts.
2. When I click home the head returns but makes a real like juddering noise, never done this in Inkscape or whispered but does it in lightburn/ smoothie. Checked belts and all ok.

  1. There are two positions - Home is where the head goes to find the limit switches. Origin is 0,0. You can move the Home position by moving the physical switches and adjusting the configuration. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish by moving the home position?

  2. LightBurn isn’t involved in homing the machine beyond sending the command to do so. If homing isn’t working, it’s likely you haven’t wired the limit switches properly or have something configured incorrectly.

I had a similar problem with my Emblaser Core. When I was doing the focus test it would shudder and hardly move on it’s way from home to the test position. Also when homing it would shudder when it reached home. I sent a video in but nobody could duplicate the problem. It seems to have got corrected and it may have been that I was switching between Metric and Imperial measurements and I left it on Imperial. If the speed was somehow inches instead of mm it would make it too fast and shudder. I’m out of the country until April so unable to see if is still working correctly.

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