K40 Placement, top or bottom

So I’ve seen a few threads related to the lightburn cameras being installed in K40s. From everything i’ve gathered there are two common locations. one being on the top of the open lid using the 90* camera. The other being the bottom of the open lid using the 140* or 160* camera.

Top Mount advantages are that you can get by with a narrower camera which will reduce distortion. Downside is that the top mount requires some type of lid prop or stop to keep the camera over the workspace and from being obscured by the lid.

Bottom mount advantage is that it can be installed with the lid in its default position. The downside is that the wider angle creates more distortion and the overall accuracy may not be as high as the top mount.

With that being said, I’m still on the fence. Anyone have first hand experience with both methods? Is the slight increase in accuracy worth messing with a lid prop?

As always, pictures would be great.

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