K40 rotary issue

I’m new to the whole laser works but have Bren running light burn for a bit now, and I have the main jist or how to use it, I purchased a rotary and because I am running on a mini grbl, when setting up rotary I chose the y axis, the machine ran the quick rectangle I wanted and it was skewed, I then adjusted the number and got nothing to change. I then realized I didn’t click “enable rotary” and when I do it doesn’t move and just gives me a error 9 code. Any help here would be nice. My rotary works on k40 whisperer but I got lightburn for the fact that it’s just plain better, but not being able to run a rotary is also sucking

Since your moving the Y axis to your rotary your machine isn’t going to hit your Y axis limit switch which is probably why you get the error: 9 You could probably manually hit it so the controller thinks it’s at the home position. You’ll most likely also need to adjust the acceleration and step/mm for the Y axis when you have a rotary connected.

Even when I hit the limit switch myself I still get the error, and I thought the rotary set up in light burn was supposed to compensate the steps when selecting y axis

Error 9 is a homing problem presumably because you moved the Y axis stepper driver to the Rotary and the Y axis is no longer homing. https://awesome.tech/gerbils-alarm-error-and-option-codes/

No software auto detects stepping when you change stepper motors, gear ratios or circumference of your material.

So basically with a mini grbl it’s impossible to use a rotary becauee it’ll always come up as an error

You should be able to use your Y axis driver to drive your Rotary, You just need to work out your settings and limit switches. You may be able to disable homing in Lightburn on startup and use current position, then move the laser head to a position directly over your center point of rotary. You may also be able to disable your limit switches in your grbl settings.

I’ve tried, and then I get error 2 saying I’m out of bounds, and when I click, cut anyways nothing happens. It’s a constant battle right now

The link I posted previously indicates what the problem is for different errors or alarms, look through that. Also there is a significant difference in error vs alarm which are you having? You might post screen shots of the problems as well as your grbl settings. If your getting an alarm 2 that’s telling you, you have a soft limit warning that your going beyond the bounds of what you’ve told the software the work area size is. You can increase the size of your work area or reduce the size of the design your trying to run.

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