K40 speed problems

I set my lightburn to 400 mm S but is going so slow when doing a image how do I set the speed other than in cut

If you are trying to run an image using Smoothieware, it has a throughput limit with GCode - it generally won’t raster engrave faster than about 80mm/sec with the default DPI setting.

GRBL-LPC firmware will go faster, but 400mm/sec is likely faster than your power supply will accurately fire anyway. Even with GRBL-LPC I wouldn’t recommend going above 250 mm/sec.

Mine is just a stock k40 with C3D smoothie

What’s the best dpi I can get with lightburn and c3d

Also with the k40 where do I set the power knob on the k40 to full power???

Probably about 350 DPI (it’s a limit of the beam and lenses you use, not the board or software). Running at that DPI will lower the speed you’re able to go though. We have a version of Smoothieware that I’ve modified to improve the handling of raster data for the C3D. We’re still testing it, but the initial results are quite promising. I would expect to see that come out within the next few weeks or so.

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