K60-0750 Laser - ebay laser purchased this morning

So I pulled the trigger this morning and purchased this laser

Anyone familiar with this one and know if the controller is compatible with lightburn or if there are any “must do” upgrades that I should be aware of before it arrives.

If it actually ships with the Ruida controller shown in the picture, it will work fine with LB.

For an Ebay laser, that one seems to be less stripped down than many. Ruida controller, fully adjustable laser head mount, built in leveling feet, etc. Many ebay lasers don’t have those now in an attempt to save money.

Looks like the clone I have but mine is the yellow version. Only heads up I can give you is that I have replaced two laser power supplies in a year. One was warrantied by the replacement supplier. Another owner also had PS problems. The mechanical and optical system has been great. Rudia controller and LB is a win/win!

If you currently use the GCode license with LightBurn you’d need to upgrade to the DSP license, but it should work just fine. If you want to test compatibility when it arrives, deactivate your license and send me the trial ID on your machine and I’ll extend it so you can try it first.

It looks very similar to a machine I have, and it’s been solid. Had to change the 24v power supply once, but other than that and regular maintenance it’s been trouble free. Make sure not to use the plugs on the rear of the machine - the internal wiring is made for 220v power, which pulls less amperage. Used in North America on 110v it’s very close to underrated, and adding more load will overheat the wiring.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: My laser arrived last week and I’ve made sure to get the DSP version of lightburn.

So far I’m loving it! Working great out of the box and thinking of adding a rotary to it before long!

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