Keep full object from Boolean Difference like with Image Mask

One thing I find really useful about the image mask feature is the ability to move the original full image around within the object it’s masked in.

Is there any way I could go about doing something similar for a Boolean Differenced object?

Right now I’m copying and pasting each project at a least a few times experimenting with different placements.

If the feature were easy to port over from image trace, maybe a “keep Boolean-ed object in background” setting checkbox could be useful to some people?

Can you please show an illustration or example of this concept and how you would use it?

You got it.

Here’s my current process for trying out different positioning after a Boolean Subtract:

And here’s what it would look like using the image mask ability to adjust the original object post-Boolean

Note: I originally wrote image trace instead of image mask, which obviously must have made the post a little confusing.

Thank you for clarifying.

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