Keep getting error 1 and 11

I have been using lightburn for a while with my atomstack 5w. I recently got an Atezr L2 36w. Well it has been working great but all the sudden last night it stopped during a job and has since stopped every time I try to do anything. I can’t even frame the job I was doing. It keeps giving me errors 1(G-code words consist of a letter and a value. Letter was not found) and 11 (Max characters per line exceeded. Line was not processed and executed). Today it’s been mostly 11. Any ideas what could be the issue? I’m ready to loose my mind!

Did you accidentally turn on Gcode Clustering in the Device Settings window?

No but I noticed the laser was even doing it without being hooked up to the computer, so after playing with it a little I realized that for some reason around the middle of the y-axis, and only around the middle, any movement in the x-axis at all would set off a limit switch or at least make the laser think it was set off. They did a good job of hiding all the wires and things inside the frame on this machine so I tried to take it apart and see if anything was up against a limit switch and I couldn’t even find them for the x-axis. But while moving everything around on the inside it did stop acting up and it’s working right now. I do wish I knew where the switches were and what exactly was going on so I could make sure it doesn’t happen again, but I guess for now I will just enjoy it working…

Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Glad you found it.

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks! Glad to find the forum. There’s definitely a few times I could’ve used it!

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