Keep getting TRANSFER FAILED MAchine may be busy or paused

Hello again

I have been up and running since my ordeal with my Monport 80W laser. Now I hit a snag I have never had in the year I have been running. I can’t clear the previous job. I have been hitting ESC. I shut off machine several times. Even unplugged. But keeps wanting to execute the last job which was just a simple line cut. Have also pushed the red RESET button and still stuck. How to I clear the controller to accept a new job?

Thank you

Never mind – got it going

Tell us how you did that, because many people want to know the secret gesture!



I have it on good authority that it looks something like this. You use one hand, or two, depending on the severity of the problem. You must also say the appropriate incantation, “LLAP”.


Possibly the single most helpful forum topic in the history of Al Gore’s Holy Internet.

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