Keep losing camera configuration?

Win 7, LB 0.9.07, Atom processor, USB connection. I calibrated the lens and camera at least three times yesterday. Sometimes when I would update the overlay nothing would happen. I could see the camera image in the camera control window. Sometimes when I used the fade switch it would show up. Nothing consistent. I only have one laser configured. Late yesterday everything was working perfectly. I turned on the computer today and I see the image in the control window but when I try to update the overlay nothing happens. Not even an error message that I had before when the calibration needed to be done. What do I need to do?

How long is the USB cable - do you have an extension on it, by chance?

I ran the camera to a bulkhead connector on the side of the machine and then a cable to the computer. So. yes there is an extension on the camera. Do I need to remove it? It’s too short to reach the computer.

USB cables, without amplification, are restricted to 16 feet total, and the cameras push the stream rate pretty hard, so they’re sensitive to distance.

Try without the extension, and if that does work that’s the likely cause. You can get active amplifier cables (basically a USB hub with one port, in a cable) that re-transmit the signal instead of just extending the wire. One of those should work, as long as it’s a decent one, that’s USB 2.0 rated.

You do know your hardware! With the bulkhead adapter I had basically two extensions and the length of cable from the camera. Without the extension, direct to computer, it’s working. I had a four port hub and placed that between the camera and one extension and it appears to be working correctly.

Thanks for the quick response. I can now save my voice for the football games!

The nickname “Oz” was given to me by others for a reason, apparently. :smiley:

Happy to hear it was that easy.

I am looking for an active extender cable on Amazon. I assume USB 3.0 will work fine. About $13.

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