Keeping text centred on curve when horizontal expansion is applied

I have a job that involves putting some text around a curve and expanding it to fill a bigger portion of the sign. I have made the curves and using the centre one to place the text on as a guide. When the text has 0 horizontal expansion (HSpace) you can see that the “B” in LEMBURG is centred on the curve. When I apply 200 horizontal expansion the B moves left and I can’t find a way to move it back to the centre.
Any thoughts?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Railway sign rough quote.lbrn2 (25.3 KB)

I am going to go with your choice of font.
Not all the letters are the same width. So while before expanding the spacing they look centred, they are probably not. Expanding them probably just enhances the reality.
Put a space before the “L” and it should help, but probably still off.

Thanks for the input Mike. The font does have to be Gil Sans, so I need to be able to work with that. I was hoping to not have to “guess” where the centre should be, but if that’s the only answer I will have to do that.



You could always use the little blue thing and curve the text then centre it without using text to path.

Unfortunately my client is specifying an exact radius for the curve, so I need to get that exact.

Then I think you need to move to software that is made for that.
Lightburn is great burning software and has some fantastic design tools.
But, if you are trying to design exact graphics you need a program made for that.

have you tried grouping the middle “guide line” and the text together and changing the line to a tool path?

Hi Corey, that’s how I have done it. My process was to write the text above the curves, do a centre alignment between the text and the centre guide line, then select both the text and the guide line before selecting text on line. All looked ok until I needed to stretch the text.



can you stretch the text first?

Maybe, I’ll try that.



not 100% sure that thats the answer but worth a try. if you cant figure it out we can ask someone who will.

Yes, seems it should be more automatic than this, but who knows, maybe Oz.

have you tried stretching the text spacing before you add the radius centred on the tool layer?

i believe if you stretch the text first it should solve the problem