Kerf and overlap problem

Hi everybody!

  1. I noticed that kerf offset doesn’t work well when using arrays with 0 mm spacing. In the Preview window you can see that LB does not push objects according to the value of kerf, so the laser cuts into adjacent objects.

  2. And now I see that only the last object gets a kerf. I didn’t even notice it. How long has that been the case?
    (I use a single layer. LB version number on both my PC is 0.9.09.)

  3. Also, “Remove overlapping lines” (regardless of kerf) is not working well.

Thanks for the help.
Happy New Year to everyone!

Excuse that last post, I was entering info in the wrong box.

I noticed that there’s an upper limit on the kerf size, that’s a bit odd. I’m sure there’s a reason though.

Anyhow, I set it to the max, and the preview appears to be working fine.

The min kerf looks good too.

Edit: Also, remove overlapping lines only works with 2 overlapping lines that are the exact same. Even having one longer than the other slightly, will cause them to not be removed.

And I forgot to upload the picture to my first letter. I’m sorry. Kerf problem-01

And in response to your letter:

  1. Kerf problems.
    So, it works. But that’s how the circles overlap. If this is cut out, the result is as follows.
    Kerf problem-02

  2. Overlapping lines.
    I suspected this was the problem. I show you in which case it didn’t work for me. Thanks!
    Overlap problem-03

You have objects that touch - if you use outward kerf offset they will overlap. LightBurn doesn’t rearrange them for you to allow for this - you have to make sure the objects have enough room between them to accommodate the kerf to begin with.

Yes, thank you! - But haven’t you thought about having an option for that?
Sometimes I put more than 100 shapes on a board. I use overlaps (with “Remove overlapping lines” function) so I only have to cut once.

Honestly I never have. It would change the physical layout of the design, and unless you’re just doing part nesting that would be a very bad thing for me to do. With irregular part shapes, it essentially becomes nesting, which is very complex to do.

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