Kerf Offset Bug

LightBurn. Using a Ruida Controller. CO2.

Kerf offset works as expected on uncontained objects. A hole for a tab, for example, all by itself.
When the hole is place inside an object on the same layer the kerf offset function malfunctions.
If the kerf is offset to the positive the hole gets smaller and smaller with each increase until 0.800 then the it changes to more normal and the holed gets bigger again.
If it offset to the negative the hole gets bigger and bigger as the kerf offset gets more negative. It doesn’t change back to normal like it did in the positive direction
If the hole is on a different layer it function normally.
I would post a simple file for you …but. not allowed. ???
I have waste innumerable hours trying to figure out why my tabs were not fitting properly.
The solution is to place the holes on a different layer but who would know to do that?
I am going to post on FB as well.

Posting in multiple places slows everything down. Please just keep it to one place or the other. Preferably here.


We are in transition and I cannot upload files here …at least as of yet.
So in mind I am speeding things up.
And neither place has received but your comment.

LightBurn automatically figures out whether an object is an inner shape or outer shape and adjust the kerf accordingly.

If you create a square, and set an “outward” kerf, it behaves exactly as expected and moves the beam outward, away from the object. If you cut a hole inside the square, the direction of the kerf for the hole is inverted - it will get smaller, because that is the correct direction for offsetting a hole within a shape.

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Great to know. I would have thought all closed objects were treated the same and kerf would go + or -
Why does it get larger after .8 and beyond?

How big is the hole? If it’s small enough, it could be just disappearing. Can you post screen shots to illustrate this?

Sorry not to reply, I haven’t acclimated to this forum yet. I’ll do the tests and send pics and file…if it is allowed now.