Kerf Offset Example

I needed a new keychain, so since I’m playing with acrylic and Lightburn, I decided to do a black inlay on clear, with no glue, using the kerf offset.

I’ve done a lot of inlays before, but never with acrylic. The kerf offset I used was 0.009. It took a little squeezing, but they snapped right in. Your offset will vary based on your lens.

:sparkling_heart: Lightburn, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways… :sparkling_heart:

Oh, and don’t make fun of the line drawing for the cut! Yeah, I’ve had a couple! I’m up far too late! :crazy_face:




No red ??? :wink:

Is the inside hole of the “O” filled or not?

Yes it’s filled. Lightburn cuts inner shapes first. I didn’t put it in this one because I had to cut the O again from red, which I didn’t have at the time I made this, but I have it now.

My first try at acrylic inlaying
It did fit snug without offsetting the Kerf but i can see where that tip will be useful
I did a fill then painted the bottom red
With the same file I did a line cut and used clear silicone
To retain it

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