Kerf, power and focus settings

There have been quite a few questions regarding templates, kerf settings and the power / speed settings and focus settings.
I was going to make some game coins and this occasion I used to work just exactly with these questions.
First I made the design and it becomes something initarsia where I had to use kerfsettings right exactly. The template itself is very easy because it is the first cut of both items that works like that. I just need to make sure that I do not move the wooden board itself that I use for cutting. Part 1 I engrave and cut out with Kerf 0, (100mm/s - 11%) turn the item and engrave the back. Inner part I engrave and cut out with Kerf 0.185mm. It sounds a lot but the two parts are assembled with a hammer and do not need to be glued. I tested the focus setting and ended up with + 1mm above “normal”. Here I got the most straight cut.

The material in my little test is 3mm BB plywood, for engraving I used 0.5mm line spacing cross-hatch fill / line and for cutting I used 30mm / s with 37.5% power, approx. 9mA on my 60Watt tube.

Small tasks like this have given me lots of feeling with the machine and the different materials.
I hope others can use it for something and if there are any questions regarding this little task then I am right here.