Kerf Setting not working

I am running the Boss 2440 150 watt. I am trying to cut perfect 10 mm circles from leather. I set it to 10 mm and its small. I used the kerf function and have gone from .008 all the way up to .1 and it doesnt seem to be making a difference and definately isnt fitting any better.

I have drawn 2 rectangles, on the top of the other, set a 0.1mm Outward kerf to the blue one and show the result in the Preview window. Are you saying you do not see that same when repeating this simple test?

Hey thanks for the quick reply. I figured out what the issue was. I usually work in inches, and had it set to mm for the item i was cutting. Therefor the kerf was in mm which is much smaller than inches. I changed it back to inches and returned to my original kerf i had set at .008 and it worked beautifully.


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