Kerning individual letters

HELLO LIGHTBURN: I wish lightburn had an kerning option that you could kern individual letters.

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You can. Once you’re happy with your layout, convert the text to path and kern to your heart’s content.

Thank you, New to Lightburn. Use to Aspire. I converted to path, how do you increase or decrease the space between each letter in fine increments?

Set your Shape move increments to something small. I work in inches, and here is how I have mine set. If you want to “kern” text after converting to path, select the letter(s) you want to move, and then move them with either the arrow key, Ctrl-Arrow, or Shift-Arrow.

No, LightBurn does not currently provide “font kerning” features built into the “Text Primitive Object(s)” in the way you are thinking. As @Bonjour and @RalphU suggest, you will need to convert this text to paths, then move each leter to the location you’d like at this point.

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