Keyboard shortcut Cmd W (Cgtrl W?) to close an opened file

on Mac OS you close any opened file or tab in a browser, clicking CMD W (not sure this is also working on Windows machines).
I miss been able to use the Cmd W to close an opened file and have a clean screen to start something new.
Am I missing some keyboard shortcut or this has not been implemented?
Thanks for the GREAT work on keeping and updating LightBurn!!!

LightBurn has implemented the ability to create and edit its own shortcuts.
But I’m not at my work computer right now and therefore can’t tell you where in the menus you find it, but it’s there.

found it under File / Edit Hotheys… thanks
Cmd W is already taken anyway…

Ctrl + N (in Windows) will start the process for a new file in LightBurn. If you have something going on already in the workspace, it will ask you whether you want to save it before moving forward.
A simple mouse click at that point drives you in either direction.

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