Keyboard shortcut request

I often find myself switching back and forth from MM/SEC to INCHES/MM/SEC in settings. Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for this? If not, how difficult would it be for the programmer to make a shortcut??

This is a good idea but the work involved, Very! We had to go back in time to do this one. :wink:


I think @Solocraft is currently doing it as you show in the photo

Maybe his asking Control “C” & Control “V” Cut and Paste keyboard style rather then a drop down mouse click menu. @Rick



This UI control is a simple toggle between,

A Keyboard shortcut is not currently assigned to this UI element.

Wow, haha! Ok, I feel like a real dimwit now. I’ve seen that button a bazillion times and never clicked it. It actually didn’t even dawn on my that it was a button.
As silly as I feel, I’m super happy I asked the question! Thanks!

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