Keyboard Shortcuts for laser commands (pause/stop/start)

Hi, I found that ALT+S was a shortcut for the ‘START’ button but could not find ones for the ‘PAUSE’ and for the ‘STOP’ button.
Idea is to put a remote little keyboard by the laser that could ease for repeated (same) jobs without having to get back to the computer and click on the ‘START’ button (or STOP in case of).
Did I miss something or would this be a candidate for a next release ?
In love with LightBurn, patrick

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Am also building a touchscreen based controller using touch portal and this feature would be great to add Pause and stop Shortcuts! :slight_smile:

can we have a statement from the developers on this or is this the wrong place ? ;o)

Yes, we are here. :wink: Timing issue as you caught us in the middle of a corporate relocation. We should be back to full capacity after the coming weekend.

We do have hotkeys assigned to these actions. ‘Pause’ (Break, Fn + Escape on mac) to pause the laser, and Ctrl+Break to stop it. Need to add to UI tool-tip and the documentation, but it has been there for some time now. Keyboard hotkeys for the Laser tab · LightBurn

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