KineticNC / CNC-Step laser and lightburn

Someone wh can help me to get Lightburn working together with KineticNC / CNC-Step?


This previous topic may be of interest:

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yes, Maybe. how can I contact Tomranger?

Try clicking on the name and sending a direct message.

I click on the name but dont have any opportunity to send a direct message. Do I miss something?

Do you get this Message option when you click the name? If not it may be because you’re a new user and don’t yet have that ability. Not sure how long that takes.

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User is likely too new to send PM’s - this is for spam prevention.

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I don’t have this (yet looks like). Hopefully will get it soon (days?)

I’ve unlocked the topic above where he originally posted, so you can just reply there. If you reply to his post, he’ll get a notification, same as if you PM’d him. He hasn’t been here since mid Nov, so he might not see it immediately.

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