Know Ortur - Video Shorts Series!

Hello Everyone! In the following days ORTUR will release a small series of “Get to know us” videos.
We would love you to get to know the faces and thoughts of those working hard to create - with your support - all Ortur Products!
A Big Thank YOU from ORTUR!
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There is no question that the construction of the Laser master Pro 2 is superb, with very fine tolerances.
It’s a shame my Laser module does not work and has never worked and your customer services seem unable to send a replacement or even have the decency to respond to my emails.
A company shows its real worth with how they deal with a problem.
In my view, yours is seriously lacking in its ability to do so.

worth questioning
a) what email you using
b) what ticket number if any?

The ticket number was 159630 and you actually authorised the replacement module.
My email is m**********

Repalcement was issued on the 17th June

You recieved an email from Fulfillment, on the 22th with the same tracking number
Maybe check your spam filter?

Yeah I got that email but like I said that was 9 days ago and it has still not arrived anywhere according to the link to DHL tracking site. Click it and see for yourself.

So we can assume you took creative liberty on things here?
Your ticket was handled, you got information a replacement was issued, and yet claim there was no response?.. I see

Hello again
I have emails that i have sent 23rd, 24th 25th that have not received a reply.
Amusingly I did get a reply on the 22nd saying it had been delivered claiming that 4PX3000151894050CN was my order (that one was last seen in France!)
Also I never claimed that my ticket had not been handled.

So you actual question is, Why is the tracking not updating. Not necessarly how your claim was handled.

I am not sure, i suspect DHL is only responsible for the last mile delivery and is waiting to get the packedge from the fulfillment center. However i fill find out.

I do have problems with the misrepresentation of the situation though, but will assume is mostly based on the understandable frustration on the whole situation.

I don’t think I made any reference to how the claim was handled, my concern is how the system works after the authorisation of a replacement especially as the word ‘expedite’ is used.
Follow this with an email sending me to a total not my order, then no replies when I want clarity.
As far as misrepresentations you refer to, I can assure you that every word I have used has been factual throughout…
You are right in respect of me being frustrated however!

I will get to the bottom of it, already wrote to fulfillment.
And i get the frustration, i am an end user too so i know how it feels

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Thanks for your time, it’s not personal but i just want to get this machine working and start to enjoy my new hobby.

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