Know where to get an18 mm mirror?

Have a red and black 100 watt, I burned out the focus lens and charred the mirror above the lens after about 500 hours of use. I bought a 20mm set of a new lens and mirrors but they’re too big, so I’m assuming it should be 18mm… I found a focus lens and it’s on the way way. But I cant find an 18mm mirror. Any links/direction to one? I’d appreciate it.

I quickly wanted to post a link… but I can’t find the 18mm anywhere.
15, 19.05, 20 … no problem… but 18 apparantly is.

I will search some more.

Am i missing something?

no 18mm available there…
(he is looking for mirrors) I would try the 19mm instead?

He mentioned focus and mirror:


You might be better served by measuring the mirror diameter rather than just assuming a diameter.

I missed the part where he said he already found a lens

Yes, you’re right… thanks everyone, I went with the 19mm.

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