KT332n Z axis offset


LB 1.0.06 can move Z axis in Ruida KT332n in movement panel; LB knows Z height too, but offset it doesnt work in layer or in focus test. I belive machine wait por U axis instead Z.

is there a way to solve it?


hi i am looking for the same answers as you but seems nobody is willing to wade in with any useful answers

I think there are not many who have this controller and or use the Z axis, me for example. I also have a KT332N, am very happy with it, but I have no Z axis. It has nothing to do with “willing”.

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I’m no Ruida expert but I believe this hasn’t been ‘built-out’ yet.

I understand that there is some kind of entanglement between U-axis and Z-axis that is (as of yet) unresolved.

Hi my apologies for using the word “willing” my mistake

Do you mean lightburn have not factored in that some controllers are using u axis rather than the normal z axis like most people.

Do you think it will eventually be able to choose either z or u in the furture…

Any thoughrs

For the offset and steps per offset function i mean as the rest of the controls seem to work as normal


We have a task on our list to try to make this controller use the U axis movement commands instead of Z, but it’s going to take some time to work through. I don’t have a machine here with this controller in it that has a motorized Z, and it’s possible that the controller doesn’t have relative U axis move commands - I need to see if this command is allowed.

If you need my help I have one and I offer to your tests.


I’ve run a quick test just with the controller itself and what I think is a valid candidate for a U axis move command and it seems to work. If you never attempt a Z axis move it won’t try it, so it’s safe to include for the next release.


that is great news to hear that would make things so much easier when doing some projects and for de focusing when doing multiple passes etc etc

thanks very much for coming up with a solution and making lightburn worth it weight in gold keep up the amazing work you all do for the laser community…

Just a question i did not see this in the latest release was it added or will it be in the next release thanks for your time


hi i know you are busy but did you manage to sort the z offset for the u function ???

Happy to report that it works! version 1.1.03 moves the Z axis (or U) for the layers with the Z offset !!

Thank you so much! I really needed this so I can cut and do line text with a single file or do multi-pass cuts on thick stock


hi there Andrew

once i set my autofocus for the material i can get the z offset to go down but cannot get it to go up say 2mm to cut deeper into the wood.

not sure if i am doing something wrong here i am guessing because i is already at zero on the focus it wont allow me to go beyond that but is there a way to achieve this any help would be great


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