Kudos from the Colorblind!

Just wanted to say how awesome the changes are to the color pallets. Being partially colorblind it was always difficult making sure I had the right color selected for our cut jobs. Now it’s super easy…



It’s a bit surprising to me how common this is - It was done because of feedback from a few colorblind users, saying it was hard to differentiate the colors, and frankly, even not being colorblind it can be tricky to tell a few of them apart.

It was an easy change to make and all the feedback so far has been positive- I’m happy to hear it’s helping you. :slight_smile:

the color thing is compounded by another small problem

when you have a layer selected the color chip changes color.

i’ve been meaning to flag this up for a while

There’s not much I can do about that, as it’s something the operating system itself does. However, you can right-click a layer to flash the shapes using that color, which makes it much easier to find them, and selecting a shape of a given color auto-selects the layer, so there’s an easy way to identify colors in either direction.

Funny I think I mentioned the same kudos for the same reason on another thread or maybe Facebook. Color blindness can sometimes be a real pain, and no-one but fellow colorblind folks get it. I am super happy with the new labels, thanks again!



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