Language -> Translation issue

Hi. I’m a new owner of lightburn dsp licence. I’m happy with the software and all but there is an issue with “Polish” translation, i would like to help with that, i suggested my friend that she should check lightburn, but her english is almost not existing.
I noticed that there is an Lightburn>Translations folder and it contains .qm files. I assume i would have to open qt_pl.qm and do some translation in that file. How easy is the process in it self and what software should i use. From my research i found that it can be Nokia sdk but i’m not quite sure, Thanks in advance. With regards, Peter.

Hi Peter. If you PM me, or send a message to support at LightBurnSoftware dot com, I can provide you with a link to our translation package which contains the English original file and the ts (translation source) for the other languages, as well as the translation tool. It’s not terribly hard to do, but there’s a good amount of text. You can send updates as you make progress, and I will incorporate the changes into the software.


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