Laptop died mid project

I’m new to all of this and my MacBook died midway through a laser project. When I charged it back up and it hit resume, it wouldn’t, so I hit stop. Once I hot stop it looked like I had reset it. Is there a way to start my project halfway through where it left off so I don’t lose an hour of work?

thats rough. i dont know but lightburn wizards can probebly help you with it. all i can say is: whatever you do do not move your piece/wood inside the machine. probebly best to not even lift the lid of the machine.

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There isn’t an easy way to resume a project in the middle (though we have added that for the next release). If this is an image or a large filled vector engraving, you can change the scan angle to 180 degrees to have it start from the opposite side, then stop it when it meets the finished part.

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a other thing that i have done in the past, appart from the scan angle. is to put a metal ruller (or similar) down on the project. the lazer is by far not strong enogh to cut trough the ruler.
do mind that 1 you dont want to use a to reflective ruler, 2 you want to tape the ruler down somhow.

i hope you used absolute cordinates for your project, and not start from ramdom point. with absolute cords it should be easyer. becous the question is where did the lazer stop. or if you started at your ‘‘home’’ point then its also easy to realign.

in all other cases i would not know for sure, but i expect it to be rough.

mabe befor you actualy restart. do a ‘‘test’’ fire to se if elignment is correct. that can be done in several ways if needid. 1 easy and quick one is just use the frame option.
a other is to dail down the power of your lazer so that its below the treshold of doing annything. and then dry firing it.

if your happy with where it starts/ends then you can do the actual thing with the actual settings

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