Large error in engrave placement with Grid Array

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have a wooden template to lay these dust covers on. The image on the left is aligned correctly but when I align the next one to the right it has to be placed where you see it in this pic to engrave correctly on the plate. Any Idea of what I am doing wrong?

If you click-to-jog the head to the edge of the object you’re trying to engrave on, is it in the right position on the laser?

Oz sorry…I am not sure what you mean.

Select this tool:

Then click on the workspace to jog your laser to that exact point. If you click on the camera capture and the red-dot pointer of your laser goes exactly to that spot on the real item, then the camera alignment and/or laser calibration is accurate. If you click there and the laser doesn’t go to that exact spot, then the camera alignment or laser calibration is off.

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I will check in a few.

Nope…I will recalibrate now…

I calibrated again and all is dead nuts perfect…when dropping the pin on the 4 cross hairs and hitting pulse the burn mark is exactly at the center…Thanks OZ!!!

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