Large file, load time

I have a rather complex lightburn-file (18mb) with both cuts and engraving.
What I don’t understand is, that it takes almost 10mins for lightburn to load the file.
If I, during the load, monitor the computer performance, I see nothing that should be the cause.
There’s only 5-10% load on CPU (I7), No trafic on the HD (SSD), and the graphics card is also only about 5% load.
Why does it take that long ?
Unfortunately, I can’t show the file due to copyright…

Difficult to provide feedback without a better understanding of the file contents themselves. We understand not showing / sharing here in public. You can send directly to, provide a link to this post for context, and include some words about the private nature. We will respond in kind, keeping your image safe from others eyes. We understand and do it this way with others all the time. :slight_smile:


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