Laser 5Watt not working properly

I have a 5watt laser and have tried to test on many pieces of wood to get the right settings in Light Burn to copy a photo. I have tried News Print and Jarvis at 55 laser and 275 speed and it causes the photo to come out black burnt color.

I have tried lowering the setting of the laser and the speed and no difference still does the same.

I have done the test board and it fails to do the test board when trying to do it in light burn.

So I am at a lose

Please post a photo of the finished item…

If possible, drop the .lbrn2 file on the reply window for us to examine.


Have you tried reducing the power output below 55?

Running a material test grid would likely be useful for determining the ideal settings: Dial In Your Laser Settings With LightBurn’s Material Test - YouTube

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