Laser adjustment

how do i adjust my laser set at 4000 and 100 % and still won’t burn deep enough how do i adjust that

This video will help get you up to speed with Lightburn. I have it starting right where he shows you how to change settings, but I think the entire video would be profitable for you to watch.


Hi Danny

What sort of laser engraver or cutter are you running? You mention 4000, is that mm per minute or another setting? 100% power is too high on a CO2 laser, but if you’re using a diode thats lots. Maybe if you are using a diode laser you should check the S-Value max setting.

Here’s a link to how to look at that

If I’ve come to the wrong conclusion please let us have more information so we can better help you. Also check out Tim’s video link that will help you get a good idea of how to setup and test your settings.

Cheers and good luck!

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